Don't Play With Love

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SP19910804Producer: P.|KAVANAGH|Next in series: CUPID AND PSYCHE|Previous in series: A DOOR SHOULD BE EITHER OPEN OR SHUT|Description|The second of 2 dramatic proverbs by Alfred de Musset.|The Baron looks forward to his son Perdican's return from university in Paris.|He desperately hopes to marry him to his cousin and childhood sweetheart Camille.|But Camille has different ideas.|Subject Categories|drama programmes (genre)|Broadcast history|04 Aug 1991 22:10-00:00 (RADIO 3)|Contributors|Ronald Herdman (Actor)|Stephen Tompkinson (Actor)|Michael Deacon (Actor)|Elizabeth Kelly (Actor)|David Bannerman (Actor)|Robert Lang (Actor)|Stephen Garlick (Actor)|Sophie Thompson (Actor)|Auriol Smith (Actor)|Sue Broomfield (Actor)|Mary Allen (Actor)|Danielle Allen (Actor)|Alfred de Musset (Author)|Peter Kavanagh (Producer)|Michael Sadler (tr)|Recorded on 1990-06-11.