Don, The

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2004090520050403By Jeff Young.|Inspired by Cervantes' Don Quixote, The Don is a gentle dreamer, disheveled and battered by too many years spent in life's shadows.|Through the function suites, pubs and wedding dos of northern England, The Don, played by the incomparable Bill Nighy, staggers forever in pursuit of his imaginary lover Dulcie - his muse, his ideal 'lady', with his neighbour Sancho in tow.|The Don....Bill Nighy|Sancho....Danny Webb|Priest....Sam Kelly|Receptionist....Rosie Cavaliero|Barber....Deka Walmsley|Steve....Declan Wilson|Landlady....Elizabeth Bell|Lad....Oliver Jackson|Dulcie....Clara Sanabras|Music composed and performed by Harvey Brough|Lyrics by Jeff Young|Mike Outram (guitar).