Do Not Adjust Yourself


01Mummy On The Brink20050801

A monologue featuring Triona, a precocious but savvy 12 year old who decides to save her amphetamine-addicted mother by taking control of her medication, with interesting results.

  • directed by - Eoin O'callaghan
  • triona....sarah dillon

  • 02Swaying In The Breeze20050802

    Trisha - married to a tight-fisted, football-obsessed boor, exacts a delicious revenge before repairing to the compost heap to become a sunflower and to sway gloriously in the breeze.

  • directed by - Eoin O'callaghan
  • trisha....marion o'dwyer

  • 03Alfie Flies Again20050803

    Driven demented by TVs blaring all over Golden Slumbers Nursing Home, Alfie, an ex-Air Force fitness instructor, is forced to strike a deal with the overbearing, snack-obsessed matron.

  • mckenna
  • directed by - Eoin O'callaghan

  • 04Marley20050804

    At nine months pregnant, Marley has become delusional and is smitten with her TV repair man.

    Her marriage to Ben just might survive but only if that baby will hurry up and be born.

  • directed by - Eoin O'callaghan
  • marley....Tracy Ann Oberman

  • 05 LASTCorrie With Carmel20050805

    Carmel is a Coronation Street obsessive who shares a birthday with Ken Barlow.

    But as she settles down to celebrate their anniversary together, the TV goes on the blink, with distressing results.

  • carmel....doreen keogh
  • directed by - Eoin O'callaghan