Discord - Music And Dissent

Six programmes about conscience and musical creativity.


01The Vicars Of Bray2000022920020624

Peter Ainsworth, music lover and Tory spokesperson on culture, explores the plight of Thomas Tallis and other English composers under the religious repression of the Reformation.

02Taking On The World2000030720020701

Peter Ainsworth explores Beethoven's spiritual struggles as reflected in his music.

03Wagner And The Will To Conquer2000031420020708

Peter Ainsworth examines the influence of Wagner's ideology on his music, on Germany, and on Hitler - one of his ardent fans.

04Uniting In Harmony2000032120020715

Peter Ainsworth explores Verdi's contribution to the overthrow of foreign domination and the invention of Italy.

05The German For Ostrich2000032820020722

Peter Ainsworth examines the ideological and moral dilemmas faced by Richard Strauss (whose name means ostrich) and other composers under the Third Reich.

06 LASTMissing Persons2000040420020729

Peter Ainsworth goes in search of the elusive character of Dmitri Shostakovich and examines why argument still rages over whether he was an enthusiastic Communist, a naive escapist, or a cunning dissident.