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WH0120111017Following his son's separation, Ray is forbidden from seeing his granddaughter Ellie.|By Richard Monks|1 of 5|Following his son's separation, Ray is forbidden to see Ellie, his granddaughter, And so the legal struggle begins for access to the child he loves.|Ray....Paul Copley|Rachel....Julia Ford|Ellie....Grace Clarke|Martin....Alun Raglan|Policeman....Simon Bubb|WPC....Elaine Claxton|This is the heartbreaking story of Ray's fight for the right to see his granddaughter, Ellie, after his son and the girl's mother, Rachel, separate.|When Rachel takes custody of Ellie, Ray is denied access.|He has done nothing wrong but he soon learns that he has no legal right to see his granddaughter.|What's more, there is precious little in the way of support for people in his situation.|When Ray's son is killed in an accident and his ex-wife goes off the rails, Ray's struggle becomes even more urgent.|His granddaughter needs him.|And then Ray discovers that he is not alone.|Britain is a country with one of the highest rates of divorce, and the highest rate of teenage pregnancy, in Europe.|Yet it's institutions, it's laws, are founded on an ever less common model of how the contemporary family is constituted.|Children's primary carers may still be mothers and fathers, but with the rise in broken marriages and single-parenthood, there is an increasing reliance on atomised extended families - grandparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings - as carers.|Yet these people, who can form deep bonds with the children they look after, have no legal status should things go wrong.|Over the course of five episodes, it becomes clear that this issue is not black and white - there are no simple solutions.|'Disconnected' explores this complex dilemma in its most immediate and most moving form as it follows a sympathetic protagonist battling against a system seemingly devoid of feeling.
WH0220111018Following the death of his son, Ray finds himself caught in a web of legal difficulties.|By Richard Monks|2 of 5.|Following the death of his son, Ray finds himself caught in a web of legal difficulties as he fights for the right to see his beloved granddaughter.|Ray....Paul Copley|Rachel....Julia Ford|Ellie....Grace Clarke|Annie....Paula Wilcox|Alex....Simon Bubb|Howard....James Lailey|Craig....Carl Prekopp|Judith/Mourner....Elaine Claxton|Judge....Jane Whittenshaw|Solicitor....Alun Raglan.
WH0320111019Ray hopes that he will soon be granted legal access to his beloved granddaughter.|By Richard Monks|3 of 5|But things are not as straightforward as he would like to believe.|Ray....Paul Copley|Rachel....Julia Ford|Ellie....Grace Clarke|Annie....Paula Wilcox|Judith....Elaine Claxton|Security Guard....Simon Bubb|Petrol Attendant/BailiffRay....Alun Raglan.
WH0420111020After the CAFCAS meeting, Ray begins to believe that access to Ellie will never be granted|By Richard Monks|4 of 5.|Following the meeting with Ellie at the CAFCAS offices, Ray is beginning to believe that access to Ellie will never be granted.|But Annie has other ideas.|Ray - Paul Copley|Rachel....Julia Ford|Ellie....Grace Clarke|Annie....Paula Wilcox|Alex....Simon Bubb|Judge....Jane Whittenshaw|Solicitor....Alun Raglan|Volunteer/Operator....Elaine Claxton.
WH05 LAST20111021Following his row with Annie, Ray despairs of being granted access to his grandchild.|By Richard Monks|5 of 5.|Increasingly desperate, following his row with Annie, Ray is beginning to believe that he will never be granted access to his beloved grandchild.|Ray....Paul Copley|Rachel....Julia Ford|Ellie....Grace Clarke|Annie....Paula Wilcox|Howard....James Lailey|Craig/Clerk....Carl Prekopp|Judge....Jane Whittenshaw|Volunteer/PA....Elaine Claxton.