A Disappearing Town



By Hugh Hughes

A darkly comic modern fairy-tale from the Isle of Anglesey's foremost 'emerging artist'.

Hugh Hughes has returned to his childhood home in the town of Llangefni on the Isle of Anglesey. There Hugh, his sister Delyth and brother Derwyn are tidying the house ready for their mum's return from hospital. But when Hugh stumbles upon a box of his old journals hidden up in the attic, the day's events take a new course. Armed with an old tape-recorder and a synthesiser, the three siblings distract themselves by telling a dark and fantastical story from their childhood, growing up on the island in the 1970s.

The story is from a Llangefni that no longer exists, full of characters who have long since vanished. It tells the tragic tale of Carrie-Ann, a woman persecuted by the townsfolk because of her weight. But the narrative takes a fantastical twist as it's warped through the mists of time and by the magic of memory.

Hugh's first play for Radio 4 - last year's 'Floating' - won a BBC Audio Drama Award for Best Scripted Comedy Drama.

Created and performed by Hugh Hughes, Delyth Hughes and Derwyn Hughes with assistance from Shôn Dale-Jones, Sophie Russell and Andrew Pembrooke.

Produced by James Robinson

A BBC Cymru Wales Production.