Disappearance, The

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20100415by Peter Whalley|A compelling psychological thriller with fraudulent identity at its heart.|Alice moves into a converted Victorian house and rents the top floor.|The landlord lives below.|Both tenant and landlord are not who they say they are, and as each discovers the truth, its clear one of them is going to die.|MARTIN....Lee Ingleby|ALICE....Joanne Froggatt|DENISE....Becky Hindley|PRODUCED AND DIRECTED BY Pauline Harris|Further info:-|When Alice moves into the property it's fairly obvious that the young landlord fancies her.|She quickly befriends him and we feel for her safety the minute she arrives.|Her actions seem to over-step the boundary of safe behaviour and when she tells the landlord she knows he's not the real owner - he confesses to the secret fraud.|But where is the real owner? Then a letter of inheritance arrives for the real owner and the tenant and the landlord undertake a heist.|But Alice is hiding a bigger secret.|She's on a quest for revenge.|LEE INGLEBY, Credits include|Television|2010 & 2008, Television, John Bacchus (Regular), GEORGE GENTLY (SERIES III), Company Pictures, Various Directors|2009, Chessocks, THE FIRST MEN ON THE MOON, BBC4, Damon Thomas|2008, George (Lead), A PLACE OF EXECUTION, Coastal Productions|2006, Mole, WIND IN THE WILLOWS, Rachael Tallalay|Sean O'Neill, THE STREET, BBC Television, David Blair|Stage 2009, Stage, Zygmund, OUR CLASS, National Theatre, Bijan Sheibani|Porter, FURNACE FOUR, Soho Theatre, Ali Muriel|Hodge, SHOREDITCH MADONNA, Soho Theatre, Sean Mathias|Katurian, THE PILLOWMAN, National Theatre , John Crowley/Toby Frow|FILM|2008, Paul, WINTERING, Perfume Films Ltd, Iain Finlay|2008, Matt, DOGHOUSE, Carnaby Films, Jake West|2007, Jim Anderson, HIPPY HIPPY SHAKE, Working Title Films / Universal, Beeban Kidron|Radio 4|THE KON TIKI 2 EXPEDITION|HIDING LEONARD COEN, DEPTH OF FIELD|JOANNE FROGGAT, Credits include|Television, Anna, DOWNTON ABBEY, Carnival Television for ITV, Brian Percival|Television, Jane, IDENTITY, ITV, Brendan Maher|Television, Kelly, MOVING ON - THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT, LA Productions for BBC, Richard Standeven|Television, Kate (Regular), Robin Hood SERIES III, Tiger Aspect / BBC, Various|Television, Hannah, SPOOKS: CODE 9, Kudos / BBC Television, Brendan Maher|Television, Joanne Lees (Lead), MURDER IN THE OUTBACK, Granada Television, Tony Tilse|Television, Gail, REBUS, ITV, Matthew Evans|Television, Kerry, THE STREET, BBC Television, David Blair|Writer - Peter Whalley|He is now the senior writer on the Coronation Street team and has penned more than 500 episodes.|He's written ten thriller novels, forty radio plays, and two stage plays.|He's also written more for TV including Suspicion starring Amanda Redman, The Good Samaritan, a one-off drama starring Shane Richie and has penned episodes of Angels, The Jury, Albion Market, Families, Revelations and created and wrote Castles.|In May 2009 Peter Whalley was given a Special Achievement Award at the British Soap Awards.|Psychological thriller by Peter Whalley