Directors, The

Film critic Mark Kermode presents a series looking into the work of Britain's best film-makers.

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197D01Alan Parker19971029Film critic Mark Kermode presents a series looking into the work of Britain's best film-makers.In the first programme, he talks to Alan Parker about his career, which reaches from musicals such as `Fame', `The Commitments' and `Evita', to controversial dramas like `Midnight Express', `Angel Heart' and `Mississippi Burning'.
197D02Woody Allen19971105In the second programme, he talks to Woody Allen about the influence of music, magic and personal memories in his his work.
197D03Ridley Scott19971112In the third programme, he talks to Ridley Scott about strong women, strong storylines and making an action hero out of Demi Moore.
197D04 LASTMike Leigh19971119Film critic Mark Kermode presents the last of a four-part series looking into the work of film-makers.|He talks to Mike Leigh about writing and directing a new type of British cinema.
199A01Robert Redford19990216In the first programme, Robert Redford talks about life on the other side of the lens.
199A02Kenneth Branagh19990223In the second programme, Kenneth Branagh talks about Hamlet, Frankenstein and the art of making movies.
199A03Nora Ephron19990302In the third programme, Nora Ephron, director of `Sleepless in Seattle', `Michael' and now `You've Got Mail', talks about modern romantic comedy.
199A04Brian De Palma19990309In the fourth programme, Brian De Palma, controversial director of `Dressed to Kill', `The Untouchables' and `Carlito's Way', talks about continuing Hitchcock's chilling legacy.
199A05Neil Jordan19990316In the fifth programme, Neil Jordan, director of `The Crying Game', `Interview with the Vampire' and `Michael Collins', talks about sex, politics and horror.
199A06 LASTTerry Gilliam19990323, director of `Brazil', `The Adventures of Baron Munchausen', and `Twelve Monkeys' talks about cartoons, Monty Python, and the madness of the studio system.
200D01Oliver Stone20001123In this programme, he talks to Oliver Stone about surviving Vietnam, his shock at the reaction to `JFK', and the personal costs resulting from his high-profile career.
200D02Ken Russell20001130In this programme, he talks to one of Britain's most flamboyant directors about `Tommy', `Women in Love' and dancing naked to Stravinsky.
200D03William Friedkin20001207The director talks about studio sessions with Sonny and Cher on `Good Times', the bizarre soundtrack to `The Exorcist', and the making of the Oscar-winning `The French Connection'.
200D04Nicolas Roeg20001214The director who rose to fame with `Performance' and `The Man who Fell to Earth' gives a rare insight into the traumatic production of `Performance' and reveals the truth behind the famous love scene in `Don't Look Now'.
200D06 LASTSpike Lee20001228