Diplomatic Dinners

Chris Bowlby presents stories from the men and women charged with eating for their country and laying down their livers in the national cause.


01Avoiding The Crudites2006100320070528

Stalin's consternation at British cutlery conventions, and the awkwardness occasioned by the Americans over their asparagus.

02Potage Aux Ambassadeurs2006101020070529

How the French reacted when the British served up a cheese called Waterloo.

03Medallions De Geurres2006101720070530

Devilish Soviet shenanigans are thwarted by the great British sandwich.

04High Spirits2006102420070531

How to stand up for your country when all you feel like doing is falling down.

05 LASTBadoit Versus Bollinger2006103120070601

The importance of diplomatic dining today and the tension between the need to entertain and the pressure to get the job done.