Dionysus And The Mighty Mouse

Five programmes in which Michael Kustow asks if live theatre will survive now that our private and public experiences and our work and entertainment are driven by the internet and the remote control. In the digital age ahead, will Dionysus, god of theatre and wine, stand up to the mighty computer mouse?


01In Our Nature19980404

Actors, writers and directors debate whether the instinct to make or enjoy theatre is rooted in our nature. With Peter Brook, Alan Ayckbourn, Sir Peter Hall, Deborah Warner, Fiona Shaw, Simon McBurney, Mark Ravenhill and Robert Lepage.

02The Language Of Theatre19980411

In the second of five programmes he looks at the changes in the basic grammar of the theatre language - space, time and the actor. With Fiona Shaw, Deborah Warner and Simon McBurney.

03Audience And Society19980418

In the third of five programmes, `Audience and Society', he looks at the pressures on theatre. Are global entertainment, political neglect, media fashion and puritanism driving theatre to the margins? With Sir Peter Hall, George Woolfe, Alan Ayckbourn and Dragan Klaic.

04The God In The Machine19980425

Little more than a century ago, machinery - in the shape of electric light - entered the theatre. Michael Kustow asks how theatre is shaping up to the new wave of digital technology, image manipulation and time-shift. Robert Lepage, master of multimedia theatre, says theatre must find new forms - as painting did with photography.

05 LASTDissolving Order19980502

Michael Kustow focuses on Ariane Mnouchkine's Paris theatre company, an example of a steadfast, open, socially and humanly engaged theatre. Sir Peter Hall says that attacks on theatre are a tribute to its potency, and Robert Lepage claims that theatre, unlike the electronic media, keeps us in touch with the gods.