Dinosaurs With Feathers

The discovery of small feathered dinosaurs in China a few years ago re-ignited the debate over the origins of flight and blurred the boundaries between birds and reptiles. Jessica Holm meets the dino-birds face to face and talks to the experts who've studied them.


0101The Archaeopteryx20030831

The first bird of all and one of the most famous fossils ever Archaeopteryx. Jessica meets the London specimen and hears the story of its discovery, just two years after the publication of Darwin's Origin of Species.

0102Feathered Dinosaurs Discovered In China20030907

With Dr Angela Milner of London's Natural History Museum, Jessica meets the Chinese specimens.


Jessica meets the un-named dinosaur Fuzzy raptor, otherwise known as ""Dave"", and explores the evolution of feathers.

0104The Origin Of Flight20030921

Jessica explores the possible origins of flight.

0105 LASTWhat Is A Bird?20030928

The question is, what is a bird and what was the ancestor of Archaeopteryx?