Difference And Desire

Readings from the Bath Festival


AR01Latvian Angel20070305

By Helen Dunmore, read by Stephanie Cole.

Marian's an older mum, no longer quite at home in her own body, longing for space and solitude.

Then there's a chance encounter with Janis, an electrician, which causes them both to consider what home really means.

AR02No Such Thing As Same20070306

By Philip Gross, read by Lisa Coleman.

Evie has something like an invisible friend, a double.

Or is it someone even closer who's whispering scenes from her life back to her? This dark tale raises some troubling questions about the stories we tell about ourselves.

AR03The Evening Class20070307

By Sarah Lefanu, read by Stephanie Cole.

Inspite of getting too much well-intentioned advice from friends and family since her husband's recent death, Beth still decides to get out a bit more.

Testing the water at a T'ai Chi evening class, she discovers that maybe something in her life could change.

AR04Making Pierogi20070308

By Fiona Hamilton, read by Mark Meadows.

Wojtek and his flashy best mate Jurek arrive in London from Poland.

As usual, Jurek gets the job and the girl, but Wojtek has other ideas...

maybe he can still convince Kate that he's the better bet.

But only if he can perfect his culinary skills.

AR05 LASTBald Truth20070309

By Steve May, read by John Telfer.

A busy-body on a crowded train is looking for the owner of a lost purse.

Disturbed and intrusive the narrator might be, but it slowly comes clear that the purse has a profound personal meaning for him alone.