A Diary Of Climate Change

Vanessa Collingridge introduces a five part journey in the steps of polar adventurer William Speirs Bruce, who pioneered climate studies in ANTARCTICA one hundred years ago.



A team of scientists hope their expedition will be a fitting tribute to the godfather of climate change science -but even modem equipment is no match for the harsh conditions of the South Atlantic.


Vanessa Collingridge joins an expedition to South Georgia. Before the team can carry out experiments on climate change they must deal with angry fur seals and ferocious terns.


The study of ANTARCTICA's role in climate change continues but before the experiments start, Vanessa Collingridge builds rafts and wades through the peat bogs of South Georgia.


As scientists edge closer to discovering the pattern of South Georgia's weather 20 thousand years ago, Vanessa Collingridge discovers that science can still be scuppered by wet socks and belching sea lions.

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Vanessa Collingridge and her scientific colleagues prepare to leave South Georgia with heavy hearts. Although the team are anxious to get back to the UK to write up their reports, they're reluctant to leave the magical Antarctic environment.