Devil Take Ye



by ALAN GOSLING with Rolf Lefebvre

David Spenser , Brian Hewlett and Elizabeth Proud

This play is concerned with the attitude towards insanity of a small rural community in a Suffolk village at the beginning of the 1700s. It is based on a set of parish accounts of the period.

Produced by John Tydeman


Unknown: Alan Gosling

Unknown: Rolf Lefebvre

Unknown: David Spenser

Unknown: Brian Hewlett

Produced By: John Tydeman

Goody Timpson: Margot Boyd

Prudence Timpson: Elizabeth Proud

Ed Bishop: Brian Hewlett

Brudbanke: David Spenser

Parson: Rolf Lefebvre

Bezant: Peter Tuddenham

Kemp: Ronald Forfar

Hayward: Ronald Herdman

Burton: James Thomason

Lane: Clifford Norgate

Bickers: Nigel Lambert

Walnoe: John Gabriel

: Churchwarden! J0hngabriel

Churchwarden: John Gabriel

Archdeacon: Nigel Lambert