Five stories on the theme of departure.

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AR01Swans2004031520050717Five stories on the theme of Janet Frame.|New Zealand's first lady of literature describes a child's experience of a trip to the seaside.
AR02Gnomes2004031620050724A group of friends reunite to send off Robbo, who is joining the army.
  • read by paul ritter
  • |by matthew kneale
  • AR03The Blue Lighthouse2004031720050731By Matthew Sweeney.|A man moves to a remote lighthouse in Ireland to escape a broken relationship.|Read by Gerard Murphy.
    AR04Princess Seraphina And The Cyberlords2004031820050807By Laura Wilson.|A ravaged actor from a cult sci-fi series attends his final convention.|Read by Leslie Phillips.
    AR05 LASTThe Bath2004031920050814by Janet Frame.|A woman's world narrows as she experiences old age.|Written by New Zealand's first lady of literature who died in 2004.|Read by Marcia Warren.