Northern Ireland was a very dark place in the 1980's.

A hunger strike was looming and street violence and tit for tat murders were an everyday occurrence but in a small corner of West Belfast something extraordinary was happening.

In a factory in Dunmurry a unique new sports car was being built, a DMC 12, a style icon for the late twentieth century.

For two years John DeLorean brought hope to communities flattened by the Troubles in Northern Ireland, where every other person was out of work and the unemployment rate was the highest in Western Europe.

This is the story of that two year dream as seen through the eyes of key employees - including a union representative, an assembly line worker and a supervisor.

Over 9,000 DMC's were produced during this period, cars which today still retain their cult status.

The workforce put their heart and souls into this car plant believing that this was going to be the start of a better future, they too could 'live the dream.'

Glenn Patterson is one of Northern Ireland's leading contemporary novelists.

He has also written various plays for radio and is co-writer on the feature film 'Good Vibrations' which is to shortly commence filming in Northern Ireland.


Liz - Michelle Fairley

Anto - Richard Dormer


- Rhys Dunlop

Al Benetar - Stuart Milligan

James Callaghan - Anton Lesser

Robert - Patrick Fitzsymons

Producer - Clare Delargy

Director - Gemma McMullan.

The ambitious story of John DeLorean's gull-winged sports car built in Belfast.