Degrees Of Separation

Series of five linked stories by Katie Hims on the theme of separation, based on experiences sent in by Woman's Hour listeners.


01Empty Nest *20091012

When Sheila and Simon's daughter leaves home for a gap year trip, Sheila is inconsolable.

It is the separation she has dreaded, and Simon's attempts to comfort her only make things worse.

It is not until an eccentric elderly neighbour asks for help that she begins to think about something other than her own grief.

Sheila....Jilly Bond

Simon....Richard Mitchley

Edie....June Barrie

02Fatima The Catima *20091013

While Karen's husband is fighting in Afghanistan, she tries hard to keep normal family life going and her anxieties at bay for the sake of their children.

Karen....Alison Reid

03The Boy In The Library *20091014

Billy lives in the same town as his son and grandson, but he has never seen the little boy because of a family quarrel.

When he sees a boy in the local library who he believes is his grandson, he sets in train a series of events which threaten to land him in trouble with the police.

Billy....Richard Bremner

Janice....Janice Acquah

Karen....Alison Reid

04Twins *20091015

Janice already has two boisterous boys and is delighted when she discovers that one of the twins she is carrying is a girl.

She dreams of the little dresses she will buy, how she'll fix her hair and how lovely it will be to have a dainty little creature around.

Of course she's looking forward to another boy as well, but it's the little girl she is really excited about.

But when the twins are born and she must be separated from one of them, her dreams come crashing down around her head.

Janice....Janice Acquah

Dan....Mark Meadows

Doctor....Saikat Ahamed

05 LASTAshes *20091016

Rishi is a doctor whose sister has unexpectedly died, leaving the family, and especially her mother, grief stricken.

The old lady turns on Leela's husband Paolo, who is trying to cope with his own loss.

Rishi Hussein - Saikat Ahamed

Vanhi - Taru Devani

Paolo - Andy Morton