Definition Of Love, A

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19701019by F. W. WILLETTS|' He's not that ill. There is no reason whv he should be this bad. He doesn'want to live. It's as if he were reliving something important. Some episode in his life...|Special sound by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop|Produced by BENNETT MAXWELL


Unknown: F. W. Willetts|Produced By: Bennett Maxwell|the Man: Timothy West|Catherine: Elizabeth Morgan|Male Nurse: David Brierley|Bert: Leonard Fenton|Tom: John Baddeley|Joe: Nicholas Edmett|First Sister: Pauline Letts|First Nurse: Elizabeth Yuill|Second Nurse: Maureen Beck|Dr Jones: Hamilton Dyce|Wife: Jane Wenham|Third Nurse: Nicola Jenkins|Mrs Blaggs: Kathleen Helme|Fourth Nurse: Christina Gray|Fifth Nurse: Daphne Rogers|Dr Fort: William Fox|Old Lady: Gladys Spencer|Fat Woman: Rosalind Shanks|Second Sister: Anne Jameson|Undertaker: Haydn Jones|Official: Antony Viccars|Prostitute: Jan Edwards|Policeman: Denis McCarthy