Deep Station Emerald

Thriller by Joe Turner.

Disaster after disaster strikes the undersea base - namely mutated crewmen and bolshy computers.

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01Five Miles Down2004111620041117
20050605 (BBC7)
20050606 (BBC7)
20060808 (BBC7)
20060809 (BBC7)
20070703 (BBC7)
20070704 (BBC7)
Thriller by Joe Turner.|Disaster after disaster strikes the undersea base - namely mutated crewmen and bolshy computers.Captain Harris runs an understaffed and overworked seabed research station.|Rossi arrives and a series of accidents follow.|Harrassed Captain Harris is the boss of an overworked seabed drilling station.|When an accident kills one of his team, his troubles begin.
20050612 (BBC7)
20050613 (BBC7)
20060809 (BBC7)
20060810 (BBC7)
20070704 (BBC7)
20070705 (BBC7)
Frosty has been killed in a freak accident and whilst trying to retrieve his body, McAndrew's suit is torn.
20050619 (BBC7)
20050620 (BBC7)
20060810 (BBC7)
20060811 (BBC7)
20070705 (BBC7)
20070706 (BBC7)
Higgs has been murdered and the station is on shutdown.|Harris and Rossi reach an understanding, but how long will it last?
04 LASTAnd Then There Were Three2004111920041120
20050626 (BBC7)
20050627 (BBC7)
20060811 (BBC7)
20060812 (BBC7)
20070706 (BBC7)
20070707 (BBC7)
Only Kettle, Crenshaw and Rossi remain.|Each is convinced that one of the others is the killer.|Kettle, Grenshaw and Rossie are the only crewmembers left.|Which one is the traitor? A game of cat and mouse ensues.