Decent Interval, A

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01Charles Paris Mystery20160309|by Jeremy Front|based on the novel by Simon Brett|Directed by Sally Avens|Charles, bit part actor and amateur sleuth, returns to the stage as the Ghost in Hamlet, but rehearsals are fraught as both Ophelia and Hamlet are being played by reality TV stars and soon it's not only Shakespeare's lines that are being murdered. As the body count rises so do Charles suspicions.|Whilst at home Frances fears she may have come to the end of allowing her semi-detached husband to remain as her lodger.|Jeremy Front (Magnificent Women, Sword of Honour) continues his successful adaptations of Simon Brett's novels starring|Bill Nighy (Marigold Hotel, Dad's Army)as Charles Paris|Suzanne Burden (Fresh Meat, Tis Pity she's A Whore) as Frances - Charles ex-wife from whom he's never been able to detach himself|Amelia Bullmore (Scott and Bailey, Down The Line) as Geraldine - an actress that Charles finds very attractive and who moves in to Frances' house.|Jon Glover (Episodes, Hitchhikers) as Maurice - Charles' long suffering agent.
02Charles Paris Mystery20160316by Jeremy Front|based on Simon Brett's novel|Directed by Sally Avens|Charles is playing The Ghost and the Gravedigger in Hamlet but when the reality star playing the young Dane is badly injured he begins to suspect that the accident may have been deliberate and other members of the cast may be in danger.|
03Charles Paris Mystery20160323by Jeremy Front|based on Simon Brett's novel|Directed by Sally Avens|Charles has eventually got a job in Hamlet but within a week the reality star playing Hamlet has been hospitalized and the one playing Ophelia found dead.|Charles may not have been a fan of their acting abilities but he doesn't want the show to close and he suspects foul play, but who would want to kill them?|
04Charles Paris Mystery20160330by Jeremy Front|Based on the novel by Simon Brett||Directed by Sally Avens||Charles has joined the cast of Hamlet but the two leads played by the winners of a Reality Show have been eliminated from the production by injury and death.|Charles is determined to find out who wanted them dead and there are plenty of suspects.
04Charles Paris Mystery20160330