Deborah Frances-white Rolls The Dice

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Comedian Deborah Frances-White tells the true life story of her search for her birth mother.

Deborah is Australian but now living in London. With the vocal assistance of Thom Tuck, Alex Lowe, and Celia Pacquola, she ploughs through Google and Facebook to seek out her long lost family before finally hiring a private detective.

Deborah soon uncovers clues that lead her to the discovery of a genuine relative - her aunt - but not before some odd detours, including possibly being related to a one-armed champion pole dancer.

Eventually, contact is made with Deborah's real mother, Devon, and she must ask the awkward question - why was she given away?


Comedian Deborah Frances-White tells the true story of her teenage years as a Jehovah's Witness.

Assisted by fellow comedians Thom Tuck, Alex Lowe, and Cariad Lloyd, Deborah recalls her treks around the streets of Brisbane where she gets abducted by a gang of bikers and tries to convert a Cuban jazz musician.

Deborah turns her comic spotlight on the trials of being a trainee witness and of some of the unexpected fellow travellers she meets on the way, including Peter Andre and Michael Jackson.


Comedian Deborah Frances-White was born in Australia but now lives in London. Continuing her series of true life tales, she recalls her struggles to get back into England and stay here.

In the company of Thom Tuck, Alex Lowe and Cariad Lloyd, she recalls how pretending to marry a gay man, and pay him for it, seemed the only way to satisfy the authorities.

Then, when she accidentally meets the true love of her life and gets married for her visa, Deborah had not anticipated worse troubles looming with both his parents and the Home Office.

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Comedian Deborah Frances-White was adopted as a baby in Australia and has only recently discovered her true life mother. Now, in the last of the series, Deborah attempts to find her real father.

Unfortunately, her birth mother's recall is none too good and, despite much probing, she seems unable to remember which of her partners could be the true dad.

So, with the voices of Thom Tuck, Alex Lowe and Celia Pacqola, Deborah sets out on one last Google-driven attempt to complete the circle.