Death Of Grass, The

Dramatisation of the science fiction novel by John Christopher.

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WH01*20090302Dramatisation of the science fiction novel by John Christopher.It is 1956 and a virus has wiped out the crops of South East Asia, causing a famine.|John Custance and his family visit his brother David's farm in Westmorland, convinced that the same thing could not happen there.
WH02*20090303The world begins to panic as the virus spreads.|But just as things seem to be calming down a little, Roger confronts John with some horrifying news.
WH03*20090304Having broken past the roadblocks, the convoy is hoping for a clear run to Blind Gill.|But a level crossing, a gatehouse and a carjack change the Custances's lives for ever.
WH04*20090305The journey to Blind Gill continues, with one addition to the group and one sudden, shocking loss.|Both events shed new light on the increasingly disturbing behaviour of Mr Pirrie.
WH05 LAST*20090306The end of the journey is in sight but there are still plenty of obstacles ahead.|At the last of them, John has to make an agonising choice.