Death Drop


Genome: [r4 Bd=19930419]

by B M Gill.

When 12-year-old David is found dead while on a school outing, the headmaster claims it was a terrible accident. But David's father is convinced that it was murder.

Dramatised by Jill Hyem Director Cherry Cookson

Genome: [r4 Bd=19930419]

Unknown: B M Gill

Dramatised By: Jill Hyem

Director: Cherry Cookson

Fleming: Kenneth Cranham

Brannigcm: Peter Penry Jones

Jenny: Jemma Churchill

Alison: Irene Sutcliffe

Hammond: Keith Drinkel

Durrant: Marc Murphy

Thirza: Melinoa Walker

Preston: Gordon Reid

Lessing: Terence Edmond

Corley: Terence Edmond

Innis: David Learner

David's voice: Gary King

Neville: Patrick Rosenfeld

Chris: Patrick Rosenfeld

Mollie: Gudrun Ure