Dear Professor Einstein

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein's annus miribilis, the year he produced three papers on physics which changed our understanding of the universe, Dr Brian Cox of CERN looks through some of the letters send to and from the professor during his life, to paint a picture of the human being behind the iconic genius.


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A review of Einstein's correspondence with children.


A look at the love letters written between Albert Einstein and his eventual first wife Mileva Maric.

Einstein and Maric met as students at the Swiss Federal Polytechnic.

Between 1897 and ending shortly after their marriage, they exchanged fifty-four love letters which offer a rare glimpse into Einstein's relationship with his first wife while shedding light on his intellectual development in the period before the annus miribilis of 1905.


A look back at the correspondence between Albert Einstein and his friend and fellow German physicist Max Born.

Naturally, as men of science much of their writings are about their new developments and theories in physics.

But science is only part of the themes raised in these letters, they also exchange views about the rise of fascism in Europe and the plight of the Jews.


A look at the correspondence which reveal thoughts on religion and Zionism.

His non-belief in a 'personal god' but something more 'fundamental in the laws of the universe' have often been quoted, misquoted and misunderstood.

In this programme, we reveal his thoughts which led to letters of hatred from the religous right.

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In the final programme, we look through Einstein's Komische Mappe, loosely translated as his curiosity file.

Collated by his secretary Helen Dukan, this contained containing amusing letters, hate mail, requests for his autograph, hand in marriage and his left shoe, as well as weird scientific theories.