Dear Miss Prior


Genome: [r4 Bd=19701224]

A radio play by MOLLIE. HARDWICK from the novel Lovel the Widower by w. M. THACKERAY

' You could not surely think seriously of a poor girl like me, with so many family ties? ' In fact, Elizabeth Prior is pursued by no small number of admirers.


Produced by DAVID H. GODFREY (Leonard Fenton is a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company)


Play By: Mollie. Hardwick

Unknown: M. Thackeray

Produced By: David H. Godfrey

Produced By: Leonard Fenton

Mr Batehelor: Kerry Francis

Mrs Prior: Kathleen Helme

Elizabeth Prior: Patricia Leventon

Frederick Lovel: Trevor Martin

Cissy Lovel: Josefina Ray

Popham Lovel: Judy Bennett

Lady Baker: Margot Boyd

Bedford: Leonard Fenton

Mr Drencher: Douglas Blackwell

Captain Clarence Baker: Anthony Hall