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Jason thinks that a murdered professor might just be his chance to put Alma in her place.

Val McDermid's second "Dead" comedy crime drama.

DCI Alma Blair (Julie Hesmondhalgh) and DS Jason Trotter investigate murder in the Geography Department of an unspecified Russell Group university in the North of England. Where academics rub shoulders and, indeed, other parts of the body with students and administrators. A place where the students think they know everything, the academics know they know everything and the secretaries actually know everything.

Alma has worked her way up the ranks from making the tea for the families of murder victims to ordering Jason to make the tea. She knows she knows best. Jason should know better.

In Episode 1, Jason thinks that a professor who is wearing some of his brains on the outside of his head might just be his chance to put Alma in her place.


DCI Alma Blair has no shortage of suspects lining up to share their motives.

Val McDermid's comedy crime drama series, starring Julie Hesmondhalgh as DCI Alma Blair and John Hollingworth as DS Jason Trotter.

In episode 2, the news that the Cecil Rhodes Professor of Geography has been beaten to death by his own antique globe is not, as you might suppose, an occasion of deep mourning within the department. Rather, it has provoked a fever of speculation among his colleagues.

But for Detective Chief Inspector Alma Blair, only one question matters. Whodunit?

There's no shortage of suspects lining up to share their motives.


As we romp through the University cloisters to Episode 3, it is the world of modern Geography that is even more of a puzzle to DCI Alma Blair than whodunit.

But while Alma is employed with the suspects in the case, DS Jason Trotter realises there is very little he knows about his boss's private life, so determines to play detective. However, asking CSM Jo Black to share what Alma keeps so private may well be taking his life into his own hands.


Alma's personal life is about to be 'outed', and a forensic clue leads to danger.

Jo is starting to wonder whether it's time for Alma to stop protecting the line between her professional and private life.

Meanwhile, the academics implicated in the murder of their professor seem interested only in how it will transform their career prospects.

The pursuit of an important piece of forensic evidence leads them into danger.

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With a man down, the team close ranks to find the murderer.

When a killer strikes close to home, in the world of academia it's every man - or woman - for himself. Or herself. Whereas in law enforcement, they close ranks. Kick one and they all limp.

Val McDermid's second comedy crime drama series - and the University murder investigation - concludes.

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Alma Blair probes who 'offed the Prof' at the University. Comedy crime drama.

Alma Blair probes who 'offed the Prof' at the University. Val McDermid's comedy crime drama starring Julie Hesmondhalgh.