Day That Changed Scotland, The

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2015091620151228 (RS)In this special referendum anniversary documentary, Cathy Macdonald tells the story of September 18th through the eyes of voters, political strategists and journalists to offer new insight into the day that changed Scotland.|Following almost two years - though some may say it was more like four decades - of campaigning, tensions were running high that Thursday morning in September. A lot was at stake and for the Yes and No campaigns it was too close to call.|In this programme we explore the political and the personal to reveal a momentous day; from the journalists and photographers at the front line of a constantly developing story, to those who overcame personal and geographical challenges to get to the polling booth in a race against time.|A year, Cathy pieces together the day to reveal a remarkable groundswell of political engagement.
2015091620150920 (RS)Cathy Macdonald tells the story of Scotland's independence referendum.