Day Daniel O'donnell Got Married., The

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2003110420051122By Rebecca Bartlett.|Doreen and Trishe who share a passion for Daniel and his music, long to join the hordes of make the trip to Kincasslagh joining hordes of other Daniel O' Donnell fans celebrating IRELAND's favourite singer's marriage.|Both women have, in their separate ways, had a difficult year.|Trishe has lost her business and life at home has been difficult.|Doreen is recovering from losing the power of her legs in a road accident.|She is now a wheelchair-user and desperately fighting to maintain her independence.|Doreen....Sorcha Cusack Trishe....Nicola Stephenson Derek....Ian Kelsey Michael....Gerard McSorley Gordon....Pat Laffan Mabel....Maria Connolly Coach....Sean Crummey Matthew....Chris Rowan.