Davies Diaries, The

Ray Davies, lead singer of the Kinks, presents the story of the group's career in the 1960s.

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01All Day And All Of The Night20001123Ray Davies, lead singer of the Kinks, presents the story of the group's career in the 1960s.In 1964 the Kinks progressed from their front room in Muswell Hill to being No 1 on `Top of the Pops' and having millions of screaming fans.|Featuring `Long Tall Sally', `You Still Want Me' and `You Really Got Me'.
02Till The End Of The Day20001130This programme charts the continuing rise of the Kinks in 1965 and recalls the trials and tribulations of their ill-fated American tour.|Featuring `Tired Of Waiting For You', `I Need You' and `See My Friend'.
03Dedicated Follower Of Fashion20001207This edition reflects on 1966, when the Kinks were gaining increasing respect as songwriters with songs of social comment like `Dedicated Follower of Fashion' and Dave Davies's `Death of a Clown'.
04Waterloo Sunset20001214This edition focuses on 1967, the year in which the Kinks recorded their classic `Waterloo Sunset'.|Davies remembers the year when flower power was all the rage and the Kinks topped the Dutch charts with `Mr Pleasant'.
05Thank You For The Days200012211968 saw the Kinks release their classic song `Days'.|Ray Davies reflects on a year when the Kinks changed their style and became the Village Green Preservation Society.
06 LASTShangri-la20001228In 1969, the Kinks continued to defy convention.|They had moved away from the heavy music of their early years and recorded the quintessentially English album `Arthur', which, ironically, resurrected their career in the USA.
6M5 And 620090914Clare presents documentaries, concerts and sessions, featuring parts five and six of The Davies Diaries, in which Ray Davies of The Kinks looks back on 1968-69.|Featuring parts five and six of The Davies Diaries.