David Schneider Talks To Palliative Care Consultant Kathryn Mannix


2015111020151211 (R4)

David Schneider is terrified of death. In his two editions of One to One, he wants to try to overcome his fear by talking to those who have first-hand understanding of dying. In this programme, he talks to Palliative Care consultant, Kathryn Mannix. With almost forty years of clinical experience and witnessing over twelve thousand deaths, she believes that a 'good death' is possible even when you are seriously ill. She explains the process of dying to David. This, she believes, if accepted by the patient, removes much of the anxiety and fear surrounding the end of life.

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The second programme in David's series in which he talks to writer and journalist, Jenny Diski, who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, can still be found on the BBC iplayer.

Producer: Lucy Lunt.