David Bowie And Tin Machine


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SBH:Members of Tin Machine David Bowie, Tony Sales, Hunt Sales Y Reeves Gabrels interviewed on the band.

Interviewer: Nicky Horne.

PRE:Bowie: Difficult being singer in band - has had to be tolerant of others' opinions.

Has always seen himself as outsider, now finds this ""quite repellent"", band ""terribly therapeutic"".

Hasn't thought about settling down or marriage.

Hunt Sales: Tin Machine ""a real band"" - Bowie ""not footing the bill"".

Tony Sales: Press only validate Tin Machine because they are Bowie's band.

Bowie: Perception of band will change in time.

Is fulfilled by being in band.

Immaterial if they don't seell any albums.

If Tin Machine broke up would like to remain friends with people in band.

Gabrels: Fears being disconnected from audience.

Playing at medium sized venues.

Bowie: May do more solo recording - ""nothing's been abandoned"".

Broadcast history

02 Nov 1991 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 1)


Nicky Horne (int)

David Bowie (Speaker)

Reeves Gabrels (Speaker)

Hunt Sales (Speaker)

Tony Sales (Speaker)

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