Dave Podmore's Toughest Test


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It's Ashes time - again. Is Dave Podmore's reign as England's anti-hero finally over?

It's Ashes time (again) and the world's sleaziest cricketer Dave Podmore is making his literary debut with explosive new memoir DP. But, in doing so, he's putting at risk his budding career as motivational coach for the England women's team.

Pod's especially proud of emerging star player Danniii (yes, three i's), until he realises his precious second-hand car lot endorsements have a new competitor who's young enough to still be discovered on the Borrowash roundabout at 3am with her pants on her head.

Is Pod's long reign as England's anti-hero finally over? And has he burned his lucrative corporate advertising bridges for good?

It's Pod's toughest test yet.

Producer: Jon Harvey

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