Dave Pearce Dance Anthems [6 Music]

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Dave Pearce presents 30 years of classic dance anthems from hardcore to hip hop through electro, techno and h-Hi-NRG.|This week Dave explores the history of London based Junior Boys Own Records.|Founded by Andrew Weatherall and Terry Farley, JBO went on to play an important part in clubbing culture in the 1990s, putting out landmark records by Underworld and The Chemical Brothers.|Dave also continues his search for the ultimate 80s dance record, there's a selection of your requests and clubbing memories alongside a brand new bedroom producer track.|In the final 30 minutes, Dave raids the BBC archive to play out a classic mix from DJ Danny Rampling first broadcast in 2004.|The founder of seminal acid house club Shroom, Danny went on to become one of the biggest names in UK dance music, and this mix features music from Frankie Knuckles, Scott Grooves and Michael Watford.|Dave explores Junior Boy's Own records and there's an archive mix from Danny Rampling.|Warren.