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Dave plays classic dance anthems.


Dave talks to dance superstar Moby about life in the early 1990s New York dance scene and plays records which have influenced and inspired him.

Dave talks to Moby about life in the New York dance scene of the early 1990s.


Another chance to hear Dave in conversation with Dance Music legend Moby.

Moby - also known as Richard Melville Hall - has been a pioneer in the dance world for 25 years, from 1992's rave anthem Go; to 1999's seminal chillout album Play which sold over 9 million records worldwide; and his foray into modern club music with 2008's Last Night.

Moby talks to Dave about his eclectic career, reminiscing about life on the early 90s New York dance scene and playing records which have influenced and inspired him, including Kevin Sauderson, Sabrina Johnston and Cabaret Voltaire.

He also tells Dave about the genesis of his new album Wait For Me, and how after a long period of disenchantment with house music, he rediscovered his love of the genre.

There's also an excerpt from his 2008 Essential Mix which was recorded at the Miami Winter Music conference and first broadcast on BBC Radio 1 in 2008.


Dave plays classic dance anthems.


Dave plays classic dance anthems.


Dave Pearce presents 30 years of classic dance anthems from rave to ragga via breakbeat and big room, recounting the stories behind those pivotal club tunes. This week there's the latest in our series of featured record label profiles, and Dave continues his search for the ultimate 80s dance record. There a selection of your requests and your clubbing nostalgia, plus future anthems from Alex Gaudino and Duck Sauce. In the final 30 minutes, Dave raids the BBC archive to play out another classic mix from years gone by.

Dave plays future anthems from Alex Gaudino and Duck Sauce.

6MChillout Special
6MNew Year's Dance Anthems
6MNew Year's Dance Anthems
6MPet Shop Boys Special20100101

In a special edition of Dance Anthems, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe - aka The Pet Boys - join Dave Pearce to discuss their favourite dance music tunes from the past 25 years and how club music has influenced their career.

In the two hour programme, the duo - who won the lifetime achievement after at the 2009 Brit Awards, tell Dave how a trip to New York in 1983 started their journey into the dance world, leading them to work with the likes of Frankie Knuckles, David Morales and Shep Pettibone.

They also share their memories of clubbing to tunes by Bobby O, Brothers In Rhythm and Felix Da Housecat and discuss how their contribution to dance music has often been overlooked.

The band also tell Dave about their new single and world tour and also share their memories of tracks by Grandmaster Flash, Tomkraft and Rollo; tunes which helped the duo shape their unique sound.

The Pet Shop Boys join Dave for a special show.