Dave Brown's New Highway Code



Comedian Dave Brown - member of the Mighty Boosh and a graphic Designer - looks at the history and development of the Highway Code as it becomes an app and e-book. It was first published as a guide ' to all courteous people' in 1931 and became part of the Driving Test three years later. As a boy, Dave would draw the roadsigns on his school book - it might even be the reason he became a graphic artist. On a road trip from London to Brighton in his vintage morris minor called Betty , he meets passengers and drivers to discuss the development of the Highway Code and modern driving manners. He takes cyclist and writer Zoe Williams on a spin to Oxshott, meets fellow graphic artist Nathan Lauder , and arrives in Brighton to chat to racing driver Ben Constandurous about the rules of the race track. Dave concludes by developing a new highway code of his own for modern drivers.

Producer: Janet Graves

A Pennine Production for BBC Radio 4.

Comedian Dave Brown, member of the Mighty Boosh, on the development of the Highway Code.