Dance Saves Lives!

Five stories on the power of dance.

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0101Helen Lewis And A Concentration Camp2003092920050721Five stories on the power of dance.Helen Lewis survived the winter of 1944 in a concentration camp because she could dance.|With poet Michael Longley, her neighbour in Belfast.
0102Antonia Franceschi And Fame2003093020050728Antonia Franceschi was the ballet star in Fame, the movie.|But her real life on Manhatten's streets was violent and neglected.|With Patsy Rodenburg, Head of Voice at the National Theatre, with whom Antonia is developing ways of telling her story.
0103Ballet Nganzo2003100120050804is a Rwandan group of youngsters from all three tribes for whom dance has brought on an astonishing journey out of Africa and back again.|With young British aid worker Boris Hunka and music producer Chris Redmond.
0104Candoco2003100220050811Dave Toole's legs stopped growing when he was an infant.|So he moves about on his hands or in a wheelchair.|He had been a post office worker, feeling a bit hopeless, for many years, when he attended the final day of a movement workshop in Leeds with the integrated dance company, Candoco.|Celeste Dandeker (who co-founded Candoco after a paralysing fall on stage when she was with London Contemporary Dance Theatre) and David describe his journey from sorting the mail to international touring.|He is currently on tour with the major physical theatre group DV8.
0105 LASTWorking Class Ballet Boys2003100320050818Andrew O'hagan, the Booker nominated writer, was a scholarship student with Scottish ballet.|It was his first way into peace and quiet.|Philip Moseley, who went from South Yorkshire to the Royal Ballet, was inspirational to the writer, Lee Hall, author of Billy Elliot.|They talk about what really happens to working class ballet boys.