D-day Minus N

Series of dramas set in the week leading up to D-Day.


01Minus 6 - Putting You Through20040531

By Patricia Hannah from a story by Mike Walker Wednesday, 31st May 1944.

At a telephone switchboard somewhere in LONDON, two young operators enjoy a short break from their duties.

  • aurora....julie austin
  • georgina....lucy paterson
  • narrator....Juliet Stevenson
  • directed by.... - david jackson young

  • 02Minus 5 - Taking Leave *20040601

    By Arnold Evans from a story by Mike Walker

  • ben....steven meo
  • narrator....Juliet Stevenson
  • on june 1st 1944 a tommy makes an unscheduled visit to a welsh school
  • peggy....mali harries
  • directed by.... - gilly adams

  • 03Minus 4 - Harry And Gloria *20040602

    By Katie Hims

    Harry is a Canadian soldier who's been stationed in ENGLAND for months but now it looks as if he's leaving to take part in the invasion.

    Their camp has been closed to visitors and no one is allowed in or out.

    Harry doesn't know when or where he'll be going.

    All he knows is that he has to say goodbye to Gloria, the ENGLISH woman he'll be leaving behind - so he writes her a letter.

    04Minus 3 - Lilly's Mum *20040603

    By Louise Ramsden from a story by Mike Walker.

  • directed by - Peter Leslie Wild
  • eddie....ricci harnett
  • lilly....Emily Chennery
  • margaret....alison belbin
  • narrator....Juliet Stevenson
  • on june 3rd 1944 margaret, down from coventry, tracks down her runaway daughter in london

  • 05 LASTMinus 2 - Drop Zone *20040604

    By Hilary Fannin from a story by Mike Walker.

    On 4th June 1944 in FRANCE Father Pierre receives an urgent message to call on Mme des Rochers at her chateau.

    Life under German occupation has changed the lives of the locals in unexpected ways.

  • directed by - Tanya Nash
  • father pierre....Bill Wallis
  • louise....Claudia Harrison
  • madame des rochers....avril elgar
  • narrator....Juliet Stevenson