Cult Holmes

Five alternative looks at Sherlock Holmes.

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01The Spy's Retirement20050117 (BBC7)
20050829 (BBC7)
20050830 (BBC7)

A coach crash in Kingston-upon-Thames sets Watson on a new career path.

Find out how Holmes and Watson really first met - and who had the upper hand then.

02The Lady Downstairs20050118 (BBC7)
20050830 (BBC7)
20050831 (BBC7)

Holmes' landlady has picked up a trick or two, read by Hannah Gordon.

03The Deer Stalker20050119 (BBC7)
20050831 (BBC7)
20050901 (BBC7)

When Holmes is shot at by a rifle from the future it's clear that something is very wrong with reality.

A shady character comes to save Holmes from fiction.

04A Shambles In Belgravia20050120 (BBC7)
20050901 (BBC7)
20050902 (BBC7)

An opera singer engages Professor Moriarty and colleague Colonel Moran to steal some rather saucy photographs for her.

A criminal romp at the hands of Moriarty, the Napoleon of Crime.

05 LASTSherlock Holmes And The Adventure Of The Lost World20050121 (BBC7)
20050902 (BBC7)
20050903 (BBC7)

Trombonists are meeting a grisly death on Hampstead Heath - and Holmes thinks a dinosaur is to blame.