Cult Classics



In this five-part series Mick Brown explores what makes a cult classic and talks to authors Ken Kesey. Joseph Heller , Erica Jong , Robert M Pirsig. Richard Bach , Marilyn French and many others.

1: This Book WillChange YourLife. From Henry Miller 's sexual exploits in 30s Paris to the Beats' spiritual quest across 50s America.

Producer Martin Buckley


From Catch 22to Dispatches, cult books have confronted the absurdity and ugliness of warfare. From Last Exit to Brooklyn to American Psycho, they have ventured into the darkness at the heart of the collapsing social and urban order. Featuring Joseph Heller , Hubert Selby Jr , Michael Herr and Bret Easton Ellis. Producer Martin Buckley


When Aldous Huxley wrote about his mescalin experiences in The Doors of Perception, he raised the curtain on the modern drugs age. Altered states have since been explored by cult authors as disparate as Ken Kesey , Carlos Castaneda and Hunter S Thompson. Producer Martin Buckley


4: Something Other. Mick Brown studies Zen motorcycle maintenance with Robert Pirsig , takes flight with Richard Bach and gets to grips with Gibran and Gurdjieff. Producer Martin Buckley


5: Moving Mountains. Many cult books are about inner transformation, but others - classics of feminism or green politics - aim to revolutionise the outer world.

Mick Brown talks to Marilyn French, Doris Lessing , Erica Jong , Lyall Watson and James Lovelock.

Producer Martin Buckley