The Critic



or A Tragedy Rehearsed by RICHARD BRINSLEY SHERIDAN with Derek Godfrey , Frank Wylie Nigel Lambert , Penelope Lee Deryck Guyler. John Justin

OUT author offers, in these motley scenes,

A slight remonstrance to the drama's queens

(from the prologue to the original production: 1779)

Special sound by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

Produced by ROBERT CUSHMAN (Graham Crowden is appearing at the Mermaid Theatre; Frank Wvlie is in Who Killed Santa Claus ' at the Piccadilly Theatre, London)

(' The Critic ' - ' The wittiest play in English ': page 9) S.58 Weather


Unknown: Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Unknown: Derek Godfrey

Unknown: Frank Wylie

Unknown: Nigel Lambert

Unknown: Penelope Lee

Unknown: Deryck Guyler.

Unknown: John Justin

Produced By: Robert Cushman

Sir Fretful Plagiary: Graham Crowden

Puff: Derek Godfrey

Dangle: Nigel Lambert

Sneer: Frank Wylie

Under Prompter: Christopher Bidmead

Mrs Dangle: Jo Manning Wilson

Characters in the Tragedy:Lord Burleigh: Clifford Norgate

Governor of Tilbury Fort: Deryck Guyler

Earl of Leicester: John Rye

Sir Walter Raleigh: Geoffrey Collins

Sir Christopher Hatton: Clifford Norgate

Master of the Horse: Ronald Herdman

Don Ferolo Whiskerandos: John Justin

Beefeater: Sean Arnold

Justice: Ronald Herdman

Son: Kerry Francis

Constable: Peter Yapp

Thames: John Rye

Tilburina: Penelope Lee

Confidant: Marcia Warren

Justice's Lady: Marcia Warren

First Niece: Jo Manning Wilson

Second Niece: Deborah Dallas