Crime In Mind

Modern crime stories.



by Manda Scott.

A spectacular piece of computer generated art is the key to a cold-blooded murder.

Read by Samantha Bond

0102Old Dogs, New Tricks2002123120031221

by Stella Duffy.

Marion is devastated after being fired, but is able to ensure that her presence will be sorely missed.

0103Best Eaten Cold2003010120031228

by Laura Wilson.

Mrs Skinner is a waitress at a select dinner party where revenge is on the menu.

Read by Paola Dionisotti.

0104Wish You Were Here: Postcards From A Dead Wife2003010220040104

by Leslie Forbes.

A series of postcards evokes some painful memories for a man on a journey.

0105 LASTSquirrels Are Pretty From Far Away2003010320040111

by Denise Mina.

Alice is disturbed by the squirrels at her new home - until she is accused of a crime.