Crime At Christmas


The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd19871224

Mrs Farrars died on Thursday September 16th, one year after the death of her husband.

Village rumour has accused her of poisoning him, but no one is sure until a letter to the man she loved is discovered - a letter Roger Ackroyd never finishes reading, for he is next in the chain of death.

The killer remains unsuspected until the retired resident of The Larches is called in - Hercule Poirot.

featuring John Woodvine (Doctor Sheppard), Laurence Payne (Roger Ackroyd), Diana Olsson (Carolin Sheppard), Eva Suart (Miss Russell), Peter Gilmore (Raymond), Zelah Clarke (Flora), Simon Cuff (Inspector Davis) and Derek Guyler (Parker- the butler).

Whose Body19871226

Gary Bond plays Lord Peter Wimsey.