Craven - Looking For Mr King



DCI Craven takes on a case that captures media attention - a body found in a beauty spot.

CRAVEN: "There's between 2 and 3 murders a day in this country. Most get a mention in the local news and that's it. A handful become a hit with the public... Gavin Spinoza's murder became a star murder because it involved a rich man, a sports car and a well-known beauty spot."

It also has a list of fabulous suspects: wives; lovers; business partners - just exactly the types of people that can get a case bogged down when the police are under intense pressure within the media spotlight.

And then there's Craven's regular irregular love life. Now that Macca has a steady, perfect, fitness instructor girlfriend, Craven is less than happy to play the tired role of the "affair". She also lacks the strength of character to let him go. The two decide it's time to come clean with Becky and neither are the least bit prepared for what happens next.

Craven is played by Maxine Peake and is written by Amelia Bullmore and produced by an all female team from Manchester. Craven is a regular returner to Radio 4 so watch out for more to come.

Producer: Justine Potter

A Red Production Company Production for BBC Radio 4.