Cousin Bette, The Poor Relation

Honore de Balzac's novel dramatised in three parts by James Friel.

With Alison Steadman and Leslie Phillips.

Directed by Marilyn Imrie.

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01The Wedding And The Betrayal2000040920000415Honore de Balzac's novel dramatised in three parts by James Friel.|With Alison Steadman and Leslie Phillips.|Directed by Marilyn Imrie.Paris, 1838.|The faithless Baron Hulot is in financial difficulties.|His daughter needs a dowry and a husband, and his saintly wife has nothing more he can pawn.|Cousin Bette proposes a solution to the family's dilemma and a bizarre revenge for her own betrayal.
02Spinning The Web2000041620000422Bette's niece has married Wenceslas and is about to be betrayed by him.|Valerie Marneffe's Brazilian paramour returns to throw her two other rival lovers into jealous despair.|Bette weaves a web to trap them all and secure a wealthy marriage settlement for herself.
03 LASTThe Price Of Love2000042320000506Adeline makes a last bid to save her family's honour, Bette loses her chance to marry into money, death claims both sinners and the saintly, and virtue, it seems, has no reward.