Conversations With My Bailiff



With her credit cards maxed out, and her mortgage seriously in arrears, Madelaine gets her first call from Barry the Bailiff.

  • barry the bailiff....chris ellison
  • director Eoin O'callaghan
  • madelaine....Penny Downie
  • by.... - wendy oberman

  • 02*20060502

    Madelaine is in arrears and rapidly finding out that true friends are few and far between.

    But at least she has Barry - Barry her Bailiff.


    Madelaine's creditors threaten court and immediate repossession.

    Barry the Bailiff is being supportive, but even he is losing patience with the genteel 'self-employed'.


    As agreed with Barry the Bailiff, Madelaine's flat has been put on the market.

    But then she discovers a terminal crack and subsidence.

    05 LAST20060505

    Madelaine has found a job and the wolves are temporarily at bay.

    But then her relationship with Barry the Bailiff takes an unexpected turn.