Contingency Plan, The

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20091213By Steve Waters.|A powerful new version of the play originally staged at The Bush Theatre in London, addressing the subject of climate change.|As Britain faces unprecedented and catastrophic floods, government and scientists argue over what action to take.|A young glaciologist arrives in Whitehall determined to convince the powers that be of the importance of immediate action.|But he is also bent on avenging his father, a scientist whose views were discredited a generation ago.|Will Paxton....Joseph Kloska|Sarika Chatterjee....Vineeta Rishi|Robin Paxton....Robin Soans|Jenny Paxton....Susan Brown|Christopher Casson....David Bark-Jones|Tessa Fortnum....Stella Gonet|Colin Jenks....Michael Elwyn|Producer/Director: Peter Leslie Wild.|Drama set in the near future as the government deals with a real global warming crisis.