Constant Lambert (1905-1951) And Alan Rawsthorne (1905-1971)

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0120050822/5.|Donald Macleod begins his week-long exploration of the lives and works of two composers who were born a few months apart 100 years ago.|As he finds out, among their many common interests was a passion for cats and fish.|Alan Rawsthorne: The Naming of Cats (Excerpt from Practical Cats)|Robert Donat (speaker)|Philharmonia Orchestra|Alan Rawsthorne (conductor)|Alan Rawsthorne: The Creel|Peter Lawson and Alan MacLean|Constant Lambert: Romeo and Juliet (Excerpt)|State Orchestra of Victoria|John Lanchbery (conductor)|Constant Lambert: The Rio Grande|Sally Burgess (mezzo-soprano)|Jack Gibbons (piano)|English Northern Philharmonia|Leeds Festival Chorus|David Lloyd Jones (conductor)|Alan Rawsthorne: Theme and Variations for Two Violins (1938)|Peter Sheppard Skærved and Christine Sohn.
02*20050823Donald Macleod continues his journey through the lives and works of these two composers who were both contemporaries and friends.|He follows them along their different career paths.|Constant Lambert had a meteoric start and was already established by the age of 22, but it took Alan Rawsthorne considerably longer to make his mark, not least because he began training as both a dentist and an architect first.|Constant Lambert: Sonata for Piano|Ian Brown|Constant Lambert: Pomona|English Northern Philharmonia|David Lloyd-Jones (conductor)|Alan Rawsthorne: Excerpt from score for the film of Uncle Silas (arranged and orchestrated by Philip Lane)|BBC Philharmonic|Rumon Gamba (conductor).
0420050825Constant Lambert and Alan Rawsthorne had a lot in common, not least that they both married the same woman.|The amazing Isabel Nicholas was one of the great muses of the 20th century.|Donald Macleod looks at how she, and other significant women, affected the composers' lives.|Constant Lambert: Elegiac Blues|Richard Rodney Bennett|Constant Lambert: Eight Poems by Li-Po|Yvonne Kenny (soprano)|Malcolm Martineau (piano)|Alan Rawsthorne: Concertante for Violin and Piano|Nadia Myerscough (violin)|Yoshiko Endo (piano)|Constant Lambert: Horoscope (excerpt)|BBC Concert Orchestra|Barry Wordsworth (conductor)|Alan Rawsthorne: Quintet for Piano and Winds|The Fibonacci Sequence.
05 LAST20050826Donald Macleod ends his week-long examination of the lives and music of these two composers by looking at the friends who influenced them and the friendship that existed between the two men.|Alan Rawsthorne: Symphony No 2 (A Pastoral Symphony)|London Philharmonic Orchestra|Nicholas Braithwaite (conductor)|Constant Lambert: Trois Pièces Nègres pour les Touches Blanches|Peter Lawson and Alan MacLean|Constant Lambert: Concerto for Piano and Nine Players (Excerpt)|Richard Rodney Bennett (piano)|Members of the English Sinfonia|Neville Dilkes (conductor)|Alan Rawsthorne: Variations on a Theme by Constant Lambert|Ulster Orchestra|Takuo Yuasa (conductor).