Confessions Of A Bad Mother

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WH012005111438-year-old Lucy has just discovered that she's pregnant, and she and John are going for a scan.
  • daisy....liberty morris
  • director Chris Wallis
  • geoffrey....pip torrens
  • jack....carita morris
  • john's dad....Robert Whelan
  • john's mum....Ann Beach
  • john....Stephen Tompkinson
  • jules....Colleen Prendergast
  • lucy's mum....Jenny Lee
  • lucy....Doon Mackichan
  • nicola....Mia Soteriou
  • radiographer....luanna priestman
  • sean....ben halpern
  • the book....jane purcell
  • by.... - stephanie calman
  • WH0220051115Baby Jack has arrived, and Lucy and John are in shock.|No sleep, no sex, and now poor old John has got to go back to work.
    WH0320051116Still no sleep and no sex.|So Lucy couldn't possibly be pregnant again.
    WH0420051117Baby Rosie has arrived, and with her, the joy of shopping with a double buggy.|Then John springs a surprise.
    WH05 LAST20051118Rosie is two, and Jack's about to go to school.|Could life for Lucy and John be about to return to normal?