Confessions Of A Bad Mother



38-year-old Lucy has just discovered that she's pregnant, and she and John are going for a scan.

  • daisy....liberty morris
  • director Chris Wallis
  • geoffrey....pip torrens
  • jack....carita morris
  • john's dad....Robert Whelan
  • john's mum....Ann Beach
  • john....Stephen Tompkinson
  • jules....Colleen Prendergast
  • lucy's mum....Jenny Lee
  • lucy....Doon Mackichan
  • nicola....Mia Soteriou
  • radiographer....luanna priestman
  • sean....ben halpern
  • the book....jane purcell
  • by.... - stephanie calman

  • 0220051115

    Baby Jack has arrived, and Lucy and John are in shock.

    No sleep, no sex, and now poor old John has got to go back to work.


    Still no sleep and no sex.

    So Lucy couldn't possibly be pregnant again.


    Baby Rosie has arrived, and with her, the joy of shopping with a double buggy.

    Then John springs a surprise.

    05 LAST20051118

    Rosie is two, and Jack's about to go to school.

    Could life for Lucy and John be about to return to normal?