Composers - Bach's Sons - And A Cousin

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20061009Bach's Sons - and a Cousin|1/5.|The Eldest Son: Wilhelm Friedemann Bach|'Friedemann's gifts remain evident in an outpouring of rich melody, a harmonic palette more varied and more daring than that of most of his contemporaries - and above all a highly personal style of musical expression,' according to Eugene Helm.|Donald Macleod investigates.|Sinfonia in D, F64|Concerto Koln|Sonata in F, F10|Andreas Staier and Robert Hill (harpsichords)|Cantata, Erzittert und fallet (opening chorus)|Gachinger Kantorei|Stuttgart Collegium Musicum|Helmuth Rilling (conductor)|Duo for two flutes in E minor, F54|Ashley Solomon and Andrew Crawford (flutes)|Polonaise in D minor, F19|Harald Hoeren (fortepiano).