Complete War Poems Of Wilfred Owen

Paul Farley introduces readings of Wilfred Owen's poems by Ben Whishaw.


011914, Dulce Et Decorum Est And Futility20061113
02The Parable Of The Old Man And The Young And S.i.w.20061113

Paul Farley introduces readings of Wilfred Owen's poems.

Ben Whishaw reads 1914, Dulce et Decorum Est and Futility.

03The Asleep And Strange Meeting20061114

The Asleep and one of Owen's most startling poems, Strange Meeting.

04A Terre20061114

Wilfred Owen's longer philosophical poem A Terre.

05The Chances, Mental Cases And Six O'clock In Princes Street20061115

Wilfred Owen Week continues with three poems about the mental toll of the First World War: The Chances, Mental Cases and Six O'Clock in Princes Street.

06The Letter And Insensibility20061115

The Letter, written in the voice of a soldier as he writes home, and Insensibility.

07Spring Offensive And The Dead Beat20061116
08Has Your Soul Sipped? And Exposure20061116

Has Your Soul Sipped?, Wilfred Owen's early experiment in consonantal rhyme, followed by Exposure, in which he used this to great effect.

09Disabled And Happiness20061117
10 LASTLe Christianisme, The Unreturning And The Next War20061117